South Bayland Trails Project: an effort to open and maintain more bayland trails for public enjoyment


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Bikeable Trails of the Baylands:

From Dumbarton to Sunnyvale

NEWS 7/5/03: Baytrail from Mt. View to Sunnyvale

Salt pond levees as bike trails

Bike plans for NASA's new R&D campus.  

Proposed Bike trails: Dumbarton to Palo Alto

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The Bay Trail

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DO NOT TRESPASS: Private and restricted areas are shown because it is important for planners to be aware of the extent of potential bike trails that can be opened in the future. The sponsors of this map ask bicyclists not to trespass, not only because it is illegal, but because it will sour the public discussion and set back the efforts to open trails.  

COURTESY:  Always yield to pedestrians.  Ride under control.  Avoid muddy trails if riding leaves ruts because the mud dries hard leaving a bumpy dangerous surface.  Stay on established trails and respect the wildlife. 

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Please ride carefully.  Observe all rules and posted signs.  Maintain your bicycle in a safe condition and wear appropriate clothing and a helmet.  The sponsors and developers of this map assume no liability with respect to the use of this map or the information contained here-in.  Each bicyclist assumes full responsibility for his or her own safety and actions.  Hazards and potential hazards exist along all roads and trails shown on this map. Dirt roads and paths are often impassible in the rainy season.  No representation is made or intended as to the safety or fitness of these roads and trails for bicycling.  Do not depend on the map to avoid getting lost or into restricted or otherwise dangerous areas.  




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